symphonic band music
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"Perthshire Majesty"
by Samuel R. Hazo
Grade Level 3

Winner of the
2003 NBA William D. Revelli
Memorial Composition Contest

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"Perthshire Majesty" was commissioned in January of 2003 by the Tara Winds of Atlanta, Georgia. (David Gregory, Conductor / Jay Wucher, Commissioning Committee Chairperson)

If you look up the derivation of the name "David Gregory," you will find that it means beloved watchman. I can not imagine a more accurate name for a person who has devoted himself to serve as a guardian and inspirer of people in all stages of life. Although I have only known Dr. David Gregory for roughly one year, he is the type of person whom I feel I have known my whole life. Furthermore, I have witnessed, through David's unique qualities in friendship and musicianship, his unequivocal compassion for those who wish to advance music and the quality of its education.

When David and the Tara Winds' membership commissioned me to compose a piece for their ensemble, I knew that the greatest challenge would be to create music that equaled the genuine warmth exhibited by the musicians I had gotten to know. Consequently, the graciousness of the Tara Winds' members predetermined the lush feel of this composition, but I still had to pinpoint a style in which to write. When I found out that David's ancestry lead back to County Perthshire in Scotland, the style was set. Perthshire Majesty, a Scottish ballad for wind band, was written for my friends in the Tara Winds of Atlanta, Georgia; conducted by my dear friend, Dr. David Gregory, President of the National Band Association.